Preserve Mother Earth For the Future Generations

Advocating the Message of Green Living

Building a Lasting Foundation for Environmental Awareness

Green Grandparents is an organization of concerned grandmothers and grandfathers and other special persons (godparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends) who support Mother Earth and are willing to make the commitment to protect our natural resources for future generations.

Our Mission Is Simple:

To educate our grandchildren in living green by setting a good example.

This website is an  resource providing environmental materials, ideas and  projects for grandchildren and grandparents to enjoy together. Learning from each other as we Live Green, shows grandchildren how easy it is to cherish and care for the natural resources surrounding us.  

The educational resources provide   green programs, activities, puppet projects, and storytelling to elementary school classrooms, churches, libraries, and any other place children may gather.

Green Grandparents is not affiliated with any political party and does not advocate for or against any political legislation or issues.

The way that we live is the message we give! LIVE GREEN!

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About Us

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Green Grandparents evolved naturally with the joy and excitement of becoming a grandmother. With this joy came the need to protect them from all danger and the awesome responsibility of protecting the gifts of Mother Earth for future generations.

Green Grandparents is a collection of ideas and activities to share with our grandchildren at home, in school, and in the community to connect us to Mother Earth. Through our own green examples of the way that we live, we have the opportunity to promote environmental awareness of the wonderful natural resources entrusted to our care.

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The program ideas on this website are original works that have been tested in classrooms from kindergarten to sixth grade, so we know that they work well with all levels of ability and can be expanded to accommodate many children.

The projects are "volunteer ready" with directions and patterns easy for Green Grandparents and teachers to follow.

Kermit the Frog warned us many years ago that "it's not easy being green," and he was right. It is a journey... a green journey that we need to take together.

We welcome you to share your stories with us!

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Stanson has been a storyteller and puppeteer for 40 years in schools, libraries, and churches. Touring as Mother Goose, she used the age‑old rhymes with music, poetry, and puppets to introduce children and parents to the love of books and the joys of reading. She has worked with children of all ages in a long list of volunteer positions over the years and feels that the greatest joy in life comes from seeing the world through their eyes and sharing it with them.

She is a trained HealthRhythms drum circle facilitator and her circles, Listen to the Drumbeat, connect the heartbeat of the drum to the heartbeat of Mother Earth for people of all ages and abilities. The Green Sources listed on this website are personal suggestions from her extensive research as a Green Grandma, not as anyone with scientific or environmental credentials.

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Growing Up Green


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The Green Team is on the scene!

This is the team of "experts" that can find the answers to all your green questions. Look for the ask us with the green

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How Green Are You?

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